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Is the Speed Alert PRO 100% Accurate ?


Whilst the GPS readout of the Speed Alert PRO is very accurate, there can be delays in acceleration and braking to show on the device during very fast acceleration and extreme braking. Additionally, depending on which part of Australia you're driving in Speed Alert PRO may read some Speed Limit Zones incorrectly. At best Speed Alert PRO is only 95% to 98% Accurate. This is the same with all Devices such as TomTom, Navman, Garming, WAZE and even in-built Car Navigational Systems from your car manufacturer.

To read more about this and help understand why Speed Limit and Navigational systems will always have some element of inaccuracy please read the more thorough and detailed explanation at the bottom of this page.

It's a long read but it explains thoroughly why data cannot ever be 100% accurate.

Question 1: What is a Speed Alert PRO ?

A Speed Alert PRO is a very New Product to Australia that Alerts you when you are driving over the Speed Limit.

This product has sold over 140,000 units in Europe and the USA and is now finally Available in Australia! This Great Device will Save you from getting Speeding Fines. The product works by monitoring your Vehicle Speed with Highly Accurate GPS Speed readout and Display and Alerts you anytime you are going over the speed limit for a given area or road.

It's 100% Road Legal to use in All States of Australia
and will never be banned, unlike Radar Detectors, Speed Jammers, Mobile Phone Apps and other Speed Camera Location Devices. In our opinion and the feedback we are getting from customers who purchase this device, this is the Absolute Best Product to Legally Protect you from getting a Speeding Fine in Australia!

Question 2: What are the Advantages of Speed Alert PRO over other Devices ?

The Best thing about Speed Alert PRO is it's 100% Legal to use in Australia.

Compared to other devices this is a Huge Advantage.

After all you don't want to be driving around trying to avoid Speeding Camera Fines, only to be caught instead for having an illegal Speed Camera Detecting device in your vehicle. Being caught with a Radar Detector, Speed or Laser Gun Jammer and in fact any device which notifies or alerts you of upcoming Speed Cameras carries very heavy fines!

In fact the fine for being caught with a Radar Detector or Speed Jammer in many cases is actually worse than the speeding fine itself! Being caught with a Radar Jammer in WA for example carries a $1200 Fine and loss of 7 Demerit Points !! Yes 7 points .. that's crazy! It could cost you your license if you only had 6 points left on your Drivers License tally for example.

Not only that but the Police will actually confiscate the device and give you nothing for it. Even if you have paid $2000 or $3000 to get the Speed Jammer or Radar Detector fitted to your vehicle they will not give you any money for the device or installation and will just take it from you, and issue you with a $1200 fine and 7 Demerit points off your license for having one.

In total being caught with a Radar Detector or Speed Jammer in some states could net you "Total Out of Pocket" costs of around $5000! Especially if you take into consideration the cost of purchasing the device, having it installed, then confiscated without re-imbursement and on-top of this also having to pay a $1200 "Being Caught with an Illegal Speed Camera Detection Device" plus whatever fine you might have been issued if caught Speeding by a Policeman whilst actually using the device..

Not to mention the 7 Demerit Points lost for being caught with a Radar Detector.

If you were already on the border of losing your License and get caught with a Radar Detector, plus a Speeding Fine you would almost certainly Lose your Whole License in that moment..

Article Extract: (Speed Jammer Illegal)

As you can see it's really not worth it to drive around with a Laser Jammer, Radar Detector, Speed Camera Locator, or any device which identifies and notifies you of Speed Camera Locations. The fines for having these devices are worse than the speeding fine would have been. Not to mention all the money you paid to purchase the device and have it installed in your vehicle.

With Police Vehicles being equipped with even more technology they are now able to Detect Radar Detectors using a "Radar Detector - Detector" ... Yes you did read that correctly! A Radar Detector - Detector is actually an electronic device fitted to police cars to Detect if you have a Radar Detector in your vehicle. Yes we know this sounds complicated, but the Police actually do have technology in their Patrol cars to identify if you are driving around with an illegal Radar Detector or Speed Jammer.

So is it worth it to drive around with these illegal Devices ..?
This is the question only you can answer ...

Question 3: Does Speed Alert PRO alert you for Speed Cameras ?

This is a Great Question and definitely the Most Common one we get asked all the time.

The Simple answer is No ..

A more elaborate explanation relates keeping the Device 100% Legal to use in Australia.

As outlined in the previous question Speed Camera Locators and Radar Detectors are actually illegal to use in Australia. This is especially true for Speed Camera Jammers. Although at the time of writing WA has an exemption from the Radar Detector side of things, but very soon Radar Detectors will also be made illegal as the Police Minister Michelle Roberts has announced many times.

This is in an effort to bring WA into line with the rest of Australia in Banning Speed Camera Detection and Location Devices, as with the already banned Speed Camera and Laser Gun Jammers. Mobile Phone Apps like WAZE have also been cited many times as conflicting with the law, especially with the controversial Police Car Locator and "Using your Mobile Phone while Driving" Laws.

Speed Alert PRO is the only 100% Legal Speed Alerting Device in Australia that displays your vehicle speed in Highly Accurate GPS Terms, whilst simultaneously also displaying the Speed Limit for the area and Alerting you if you drive over the Speed Limit on Australian roads.

The Device is incredibly Accurate and in fact encouraged by the Police Minister in the statement "We encourage any Devices which assist Drivers in sticking to the Speed Limit and alerting when travelling over the Speed Limit in Australia"

Article Extract: (Encouragement of Devices for Speed Limit Alerts)

The other thing to bear in mind is many Police Cars, both now and even more so into the future, will be fitted with Speed Cameras inside them so they will be able to capture your vehicle speed and fine you even when their vehicle is travelling towards you so Speed Camera Location devices will become obsolete and redundant when considering the possibility Police Vehicles will be equipped with Speed Cameras, Radar Detector Detectors and Number Plate recording technology.

Additionally many Freeways and major Highways are being equipped with "Point -to-Point" and "Average Speed Cameras" which means if you enter on one entry and exit at another and arrive ahead of time, the system will recognised that you have been speeding and issue you with a fine, you will never even see the Speed Camera Flash or equipment.

As you can see it's getting even harder and harder to speed around the roads anymore.

The only way to properly protect yourself is with Speed Alert PRO, over speed warning device. Many drivers ever even intend to speed and yet still get a Speeding fine because they were distracted, did not see the Speed Sign, or have an inaccurate Speedometer in their vehicle. This is where Speed Alert PRO over-speed-warning device can help.

Question 4: Does Speed Alert PRO alert you for School Zones ?

Another really good Question..

This one is a little more complicated to answer, but the simple answer is no and the more elaborate reason relates to the complexity of trying to give warnings with a high degree of accuracy. With Australia having Seven States all with varying Time-Zones, Daylight Saving, School Terms, different Public Holidays between states and School Properties being various Shapes it's almost impossible to give accurate School Zone Warnings without giving out False Warnings.

School Zone Sign (Photo)

School Zone Hours occur between 7:30am to 9am and 2:30pm to 4pm on Weekdays.

Note they do not occur on Weekends, they do not occur on public holidays, nor do they occur in some States with 3 school terms vs some with 4 school terms. Add to this mix the complexity of Daylight Savings time difference between states, and that some States do not have Daylight Savings and you can start to see why it's very difficult to accurately alert you for School Zones.

Additionally some school grounds are not School Zones all the way around, they might only be School Zoned on one street and not on the others, so it's very difficult to give you School Zone warnings with 100% level of accuracy.

The last thing you want is for the Speed Alert PRO to be giving you warnings every 5 Seconds and become annoying, especially if the warnings are false. For these reasons and in the aim of making Speed Alert PRO as accurate as possible and pleasant to drive around with we have not programmed the device to give School Zone warnings.

Question 5: Is my Vehicle Speedometer Accurate ?

Absolutely Not !

We have found that almost all Car Speedometers are Inaccurate, even New Cars! This is due to the fact that "Rolling Diameter" during the life-cycle of a Vehicle Tyre changes between New Tyres and worn tyres. Not only this but many different Brands of Tyres have different Rolling Diameters to each tyre, even though they are meant to be the same tyre Profile, Shape and Size.

We have seen on many vehicles when testing Speed Alert PRO and other highly accurate Speed Detection Equipment and found that almost all Car Speedometers are inaccurate to some degree. Many are 2-3 km/h inaccurate, with some as much as 12 km/h inaccurate!!

Take for example a 76 Series Landcruiser with original 32R Tyre Size and the owner then fits 35R Tyre Size without having the Speedometer Re-calibrated, they actual Road Speed of the vehicle vs. what the Speedo Displays can be as much as 12 km/h out!

This means while the Driver thinks he is doing 90 km/h he is actually doing 102 km/h which carries a 4 Demerit Point fine and $600 !! Many customers have reported to us this happening to them. The whole problem is solved very quickly and easily with fitting a Speed Alert PRO over speed warning Device. At a glance you can see Instantly the Speed Limit for the Area and at the same time your Vehicle Travel Speed in highly Accurate GPS terms so you will never get a Speeding Fine again if you follow the guidance of the system.

The other reason is since
2006 Australian Design Law Section 18 has been changed to mandate that ALL Vehicle Manufacturers must make their car speedometers read OVER by as much as 10% plus 4 km/h .. This means on a vehicle travelling 100km/h the Speedometer could read 110km/h or even 114 km/h which is totally crazy if you're relying on your car speedometer for accuracy.

See the article by RACQ here which cites the Government Legislation changes:

For more on this topic see this link:

Question : What are the Limitations of the Speed Alert PRO Device ?

Is the Speed Alert PRO Device Perfect ? .. The Answer = No !

The Speed Alert PRO Device is a Very Good Device, however it is by no means perfect. By Design and Layout and functionality and use it's perfect. However, the one limitation with this device is the sometimes Delays in Database Updates ..

This is the same with any Speed Alert Product, be it TomTom, Navman, Garmin or any other Speed Alert or Navigational Device.

Why does this Occur ?

All Devices which notify a driver of Speed Alerts are only as good as the DATABASE loaded into the device which references Data Points and GPS Co-Ordinates of what the device is able to report as a Speed Limit Zone. While Speed Alert PRO has one of the most Accurate Database providers available in Australia, it still has limitations and is by no means perfect.

You have to understand this before purchasing this device ..

What do we mean by this ..?

The DATABASE providers are 3rd Party Institutions who compile Data of Speed Limits and Zones from worldwide GPS and Navigational Database. This process can have it's limitations for a number of reasons. Whilst 3rd Party Database providers try their absolute best to provide the most accurate and up-to-date data they can possibly provide, there are limitations and delays in how new data and updates are loaded to the network, and then out Supplier Updating this for our Devices.

These Delays and Limitations mainly occur because Governments, Local Councils, Main Roads Departments and public Databases can be delayed by 6-12 months to provide Speed Limit Changes and updates for 3rd Party Database providers to feed from this information and provide updates for devices such as Speed Alert PRO, TomoTom, Navman, Garming and even the likes of WAZE Mobile Applications.

It is these such delays that can make the device inaccurate in some locations, areas, regions and streets ..

Whilst Speed Alert PRO is proud to have one of the most Accurate Database and Speed Limits Information in Australia, it still is at best only 95% to 98% accurate at any point in time and depending on where abouts the vehicle is being driven and the amount of distances travelled. In some regions of Australia we have reports and feedback of the device being 100% accurate, as it is here in WA for most of the Suburban roads we travel on. There is however the New Mitchell Freeway widening and addition of more exits along with the Tonkin Highway upgrades which are not reported correctly at this stage as the roads are still under constructions and finalisation.

For those that travel further or interstate, including long country trips into old country towns where some of the roads are not properly listed in the database, there can be some errors and inaccuracies. Additionally most unsealed roads will not read correctly at all as the device will not recognise these roads. Think of the Speed Alert PRO as a Roads and Streets Navigational device in the background.

If the device doesn't recognise what road it's on then it cannot determine the correct speed and will most likely revert to the Default of 40km/h being the Speed Limit when it doesn't recognise the road. This can also occur when a "Slip-Road" side road is next to a Main Highway or road as "Parallel Road" but not being recognised ..

Other reasons the Database and Speed Limits can be inaccurate is due to New Housing Estates, Land Developments, Roads being shifted of Diverted from where they used to be. Although sometimes subtle, when roads are shifted to the right or left (or routed differently due to widening or upgrading) this can have an effect of the Speed Alert PRO Database Speed Referencing for example Freeway or Highway Lane Widening or Additional Lanes created. Road Constructions and Diversions will of coarse also show as inaccurate as the Speed Limits have yet to be published for these roads.

As you are probably well aware, Governments, Councils and Main Roads Departments can be incredibly Slow at many facets of Civil Works, Developments and Paperwork Completion and updates. As our 3rd Party Database providers need to obtain the information for Speed Limit Changes from these Government Departments, this can at times be an Incredibly Slow Process! This is difficult for them, us and for even the likes of TomTom, Navman, Garmin, WAZE and other Speed Limit Zone reference products, apps and devices.

At this point in time there is no quick and easy fix for this very complicated problem.

Maybe someday there will be devices which update in Real-Time through some advanced technology revolution, but at this stage this is the best we have available to us from our Suppliers and 3rd Party Database providers.

In saying this many customers report the devices being 95% to 98% Accurate, with only a small number of roads being reported incorrectly. This is just something that has to be understood about the limitations of Speed Alert Devices, no matter who makes them and who provides the database, there will always be small inaccuracies with Speed Limit Data and delays updating Limit Changes.

At this Stage Speed Alert PRO is still one of the most Accurate Devices available in Australia and the only one with Dedicated Speed Limit and Vehicle Speed GPS Speed Display as the main reference on the Screen. For this reason we believe it's one of the Best Devices to help warn you of potential over-speed and providing the driver with Audible BEEPS and Alerts when drifting over the Speed Limit.

Driving with Speed Alert PRO is Definitely better than driving with no Speed Alert Device at all, which is definitely not recommended!

With so many Speed Cameras and Police out there targeting Speeding Drivers, it's important to have all the assistance you can!

We hope these Questions and Answers have helped you in understanding the Benefits, Limitations and Functionality of Speed Alert PRO

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