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<< SPEED ALERT PRO  >> AUSTRALIA = Speeding Fine Avoidance Device = The Best way to Avoid Speeding Fines and Red Light Camera's = Over Speed Alert GPS Speed Gauge and Over-Speed Alerting Device SPEED ALERT PRO AUSTRALIA


If you're forever getting fines and nearly lost your License then this is a Must Have! Especially for Truck Drivers, Taxi Cabs, Couriers, Tradies and anyone else who's always on the roads .. many Uber Drivers have bought this device!

There's so many of those darned speeding camera's hidden around the place it's
difficult to spot them or remember where they are. And they're always bringing out more !! In fact the Government just revealed plans to bring out 3000% More Speed Camera's by the year 2020 and beyond !

Driving with SPEED ALERT PRO will Alert you when you are driving Over the Speed Limit and and prompt you to Slow Down thereby helping you to avoid Speeding Fines!

Please Note there are some Limitations of this Device: Whilst Speed Alert PRO is very accurate for roads around Australia there may be some roads it may not read the speed limit correctly. This is the situation for All Speed Alert and Navigational Devices including TomTom, Navman, Garmin, WAZE etc.. At best these devices and technology can only ever be only 95% to 98% Accurate in the current time. Maybe in the future with LIVE data streaming devices this accuracy can be improved further, but for now the accuracy is approximately 95-98% Accurate depending on which part of Australia you are driving in. For more detailed information about why there are some inaccuracies in Speed Alert and Navigational devices and the challenges in providing accurate data please read the Questions and Answers section.

Please Note: The Data and Notifications feed for this Device are FREE for LIFE! This means there are no on-going Subscription Fee's or Costs to keeping the device maintained and running. At this stage Speed Alert PRO does NOT do School Zones and it does NOT have Speed Camera Warnings and is NOT a Radar Detector. This complies with recommendations and notes from Police Minister Michelle Roberts and the Road Safety Council of Australia. This simplicity minimises the potential for false warnings and allows you to drive with a minimum of distractions.

One of the recommendations in particular outlines the absence of needing to touch the device while driving, which the Speed Alert PRO is in compliance with. For these reasons and more are what makes the
Speed Alert PRO Device 100% Legal to use in All States of Australia and the ONLY DEVICE in Australia which Purely focuses on Speed Limits and Alerts covering the Full LED Screen Display.

Recent Media Articles cites the Road Safety Commission as encouraging the use of devices which help drivers stick to the speed limit as long as they don't cause distraction while driving. Which is exactly what speed Alert PRO does.

If you're not Speeding ... you won't get a Speeding Fine!

... SIMPLE !

List Price: $324.00
Our Price: $324.00
Sale Price: $248.00
Savings: $76.00



IS REQUIRED ..Please Call us if you require more

List Price: $324.00
Our Price: $324.00
Sale Price: $228.00
Savings: $96.00
New SPEED ALERT PRO 360* SWIVEL Dash Mount to Swivel in any Direction 360* SWIVEL MOUNT FOR SPEED ALERT PRO

New SPEED ALERT PRO Dash Mount to Swivel in any Direction

Get the Optimum Viewing Angle for your Speed Alert PRO Device with the all New 360* Swivel Mount with magnetic attachment for easy transfer from vehicle to vehicle

List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $45.00
Sale Price: $24.00
Savings: $21.00
AIR VENT MOUNT for Speed Alert PRO >> Dashcam Mount and Smartphone Air Vent Mount - MAGNETIC SPEED ALERT PRO - Vent Mount

Air Vent Mount for Speed Alert PRO Device

If you feel the Best Visual spot for your Speed Alert PRO Device is on your interior Air Vents then purchase this great Accessory. The Perfect way to fully Perfect your Speed Alert Device positioning and visual response. Fully Magnetic so you can remove your Speed Alert PRO device and put it in the Glove-box for added security when not being used or Parking.

List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $45.00
Sale Price: $18.00
Savings: $27.00

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