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Review from Managing Director and CEO of Excellence Group:

" I was down to only 1 Demerit Point !! "

My License was in jeopardy! With only 1 point remaining on my drivers License I had to do something fast about stopping the Speeding Fines and keeping my license! After researching and trialling so many different devices from TrapTap, TomTom, Navman and WAZE App's there was nothing that really helped to curb my speeding, until I stumbled upon Speed Alert PRO !

This device gave me EXACTLY the information I needed !

It displays the Speed Limit for the area in a very clear high resolution LCD LED Display and also My Speed on its own dial. If my Speed exceeds the Speed Limit it lights up Red and I get the Audible Sound BEEP Alert. It's so damn Simple, I love this device!

My only wish is that I had of discovered it sooner than having to pay nearly $2000 in Speeding fines over the years. Not to mention the loss of nearly all 12 Demerit Points and nearly lost my License! This Speed Alert PRO product has definitely saved my License.

Fully recommend this to anyone who need their License for work as I do!

As a Mobile Installation Technician going to 5-6 jobs a day I'm always on the road and really susceptible to getting speeding fines. This device saves me every day, especially when I'm distracted by other things in my day, client phone calls and thinking about the next job.

The Audible Beep when going over the limit it strong enough to be heard, but not annoying, and saves me exactly the right time, every time when I didn't realise I was over the Speed Limit.

I now have 8 Demerit Points on my License and no Speeding Fines for 2 years!

Anyone who values their Drivers License should buy this Device! "

Review from Emma Johnson-Smith in Victoria:

" I Love the Speed Alert Pro! "

I love the Speed Alert Pro! It has really helped me feel more relaxed and confident when driving. My friend (who used to get speeding fines all the time) bought one and showed it to me in her car. It was a neat little screen next to the dashboard with very clear visuals, and when they went a few km/h over the limit it would show red and give a clear ‘beep’. Super simple! I don’t know why cars don’t already have these, it makes seeing your speed and the speed limit so straightforward. After seeing it in action I bought one for myself.

I’ve personally tried other devices like expensive radars that beep incessantly, interrupt your conversations and give you a real headache, along with mobile phone apps, all really annoying. I purchased my Speed Alert Pro ( from www.speedalert-pro.com.au ) and it’s been a great buy! First of all, it was super easy to order online. It came in a neat, sturdy box with the speed alert pro screen and all the components to plug in and mount it to my car window or dashboard. It took only a few minutes to set up.

As soon as I started driving, it showed my current speed in one circle, the speed limit of the area in another circle and the name of the street I was driving on. The left circle was green when I was within the speed limit and turned red when over the speed limit. It also let out a Beep sound when I went more than 4 km/h over the speed limit (I set this myself) The device was quick to update when speed limits changed.

It really put my mind at ease while driving because I’d usually struggle to know what speed I was doing due to the vague increments on my car’s dashboard and I’d end up guessing which led to occasionally being caught out by speed cameras. Even worse is driving on poorly-signed streets or unfamiliar streets where who knows what the speed is. With this I never have to worry again about getting fines I don’t deserve to get! If I ever accidentally go over the speed limit, the device will gently let me know by showing red and giving a ‘beep’ that is not obnoxiously loud or interrupting during conversations (compared to those damned radar machines).

If you are like me and want to worry less while you’re driving, and have absolute peace of mind that you won’t get fined, I’d certainly recommend buying the speed alert pro. I found it to be very modestly priced for how much it delivers (less than the cost of 1 speeding fine!) and how much it has improved my confidence when driving. It's already saved me from at least 3 Speeding Fines I know had it not been for the Speed Alert Pro guidance. Really impressed with this device!

It's a real pleasure to use and so simple. Will definitely recommend to my friends!

Review from Katherine in NSW:

" Speed Alert Pro device is my best driving companion, I feel helpless without it.

If you are like me, driving these days is stressful. In addition to being distracted by the kids on the back seat, I have to worry about staying within the speed limit because I've had a couple of $200 fines for just going a few kilometres over the speed limit. So I was finding myself panicking and glancing at the speedometer all the time and watching the side of the road for speed limit signs and possible hidden speed cameras. It's so frustrating as some roads are not even well sign posted which is not fair, because how am I supposed to know or guess the speed limit? I end up slowing down too much and aggravating other drivers. To make matters worse, I can not rely on my speedometer entirely as the factory settings are different to the GPS speed.

It hasn't been enjoyable for me to drive around with this stress so I tried using various apps on my phone and other contraptions to warn me of upcoming speed cameras and found them annoying, unreliable and distracting. Using them might get me into trouble with the police as mobile phone use is practically prohibited. It appears, the only solution was to get a device that tells me what speed I am travelling at versus the speed limit. If I always stay under the limit, I’m safe, right?

As my husband was aware of my stress he surprised me this Mothers Day with a Speed Alert Pro device. I attached it to my dashboard right away and it made huge difference to my driving experience! I instantly felt more relaxed and in charge of what’s going on. The display shows two circles: the left one shows my travelling speed and the right one shows the speed limit for the area. I was very impressed with the style and layout of the device.

As long as I stay under the limit, the left circle stays green and the unit stays quiet. I can see that green in the corner of my eye and it reassures me I’m okay. No more need to pay attention to the speedo or fiddle with my phone! If I accidentally go over the limit, the left circle turns red and the device beeps twice. Within the first week there were many times the Speed Alert Pro saved me from getting a fine. This will be essential during double demerit points times!

I’ve done my research and there is no better device on Australian market that's legal, and doesn't distract from driving, beep constantly or become annoying. This is very easy to use and has been making my driving far more relaxed and stress free!

Very happy user of Speed Alert PRO and would definitely recommend to everyone! "